A physical print displayed on a home or office wall is the greatest manifestation of photographic art.  As such, I take printing seriously, preferring to handle orders on an individual basis instead of using an automated ordering system.  A trusted professional photo lab fulfills all of my printing needs.  Prints are available on a variety of surfaces, ranging from traditional matte or gloss paper to modern surfaces such as metal. Additional surface and size options are available upon request. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

 Matte or Gloss

  12x18"      75.00

   16x24"    125.00

  20x30"   215.00

         24x36"   295.00       

 Fuji Pearl

 12x18"      90.00

16x24"    140.00

  20x30"   230.00

  24x36"   320.00  

Metal Print

12x18"     199.00

16x24"   295.00

 20x30"   495.00

  24x36"   800.00

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