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My desire to photograph the natural world's most spectacular locations results from a lifelong drive to explore the larger world through travel and adventure. For almost two decades I have explored my backyard wilderness in the Pacific Northwest, making pilgrimages to the region's most beautiful locations. These trips have ranged from weeklong traverses of the North Cascades, to midnight starts to summit glaciated volcanoes, to rambles along the high desert plateau. At the heart of these adventures lies a strong desire to be surrounded and engaged by North America's most beautiful scenery. Beyond the Pacific Northwest, this same thirst for new places and experiences has led me around the world--three jaunts to the Himalayas and a yearlong journey through South America. I have had the great fortune of photographing many of the world's great mountain ranges, from the granite spires of the Patagonian Andes to the planet's highest peaks along the Himalayan crest.

Photographing my travels and adventures has always been an important aspect of each experience.  Wherever I traveled I kept a camera in hand, taking thousands of images which aimed to capture the magical moments that inevitably occur while moving through Earth's most magnificent cultures and landscapes. My photographic approach focuses on translating the emotional aspects of being alive and engaged in the larger world into the photographic medium. This quest has proven to be every bit as exciting, humbling, and satisfying as climbing a Cascade peak, or visiting some distant land previously known only to my imagination.


Portland, Oregon


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